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Thinking of getting one for basement plinking/target shooting this winter. Talk me into[or out of] it.Plus and minuses? TIA

Frank in Fairfield:
The stock could be a bit longer but you can add to it easily enough.

I don't have any experience or bias against the 499b, but the good ole 35 is more versatile and pretty dang accurate.

I have one and love it. It does stack BBs @ 5 meters, it really is accurate. This gun is a muzzle-loader, and you need to load it for each shot, there's no magazine. It's tunable, there are many tutorials online, and I think you can still get replacement parts from Daisy. IIRC, a member here had one tuned to 400 fps and the gun was still as accurate as a stock one. Lots of fun to have with it, it's an Uber Red Ryder!

Frank in Fairfield:
Watch some 5m videos with the JC kids shooting.
Very humiliating!


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