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Benjamin Sheridan H9 pneumatic pistol 1991 - 1994

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I bought this Benjamin / Sheridan .22 caliber pneumatic pistol when I was in college sometime between 1991 and 1994. I started a family soon after so I kept it out of the way and eventually forgot about it when life got hectic. I have read through various posts and there is reference to collectors quality, but no mention of a proper age to qualify as such.

The serial number is R014903 it is .22 caliber.


I am planning to take my nephews shooting with this unless I should consider it something special to only shoot occasionally. I wouldnt be surprised if it hasnt been fired in 20+ years.

Put some oil on the pump cup and pivot points. Pump it up, see if it holds air.
Then shoot the heck out of it. 😁😁

I carry a 1950s .22 pump benji pistol as a truck gun and tramping around airgun... yup, almost 75 years old. still shoots perfect. oil it, gently work the pump to get that oil through... and then shoot it. Lots.

Also, when done shooting, put 1 or 2 pumps in it to maintain pressure on the seal.  I "recovered" my FiL's ancient (mid 50s) .20 Benjamin and now he knows to store it with a pump or two. 

Those pumper pistols will put meat on the table if small game is your larder.  They other are perfect for knocking cans down, launching bottlecaps off a fence post, or smashing Necco wafers from across the yard.


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