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Umarex Notos CRK Review

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I ordered a Umarex Notos CRK from Pyramid Air last Thursday and it arrived this afternoon so I just had to tear it down, do a few mods and get some pellets through it before dinner.

The box was inside a considerably larger box with plenty of padding (kraft paper) to keep the gun safe. I opened the box and found pretty normal packaging with the black firm foam snuggling the gun.

We have the front end, the stock and two little baggies of screws, probe and magazine.

I laid it out on the table, grabbed punches, allen wrenches, tiny hammer and tweezers and started the teardown process.

Moved the gun over to the gun vice and grabbed the BIG ball peen!

Once I drove both pins out of the end cap, I pulled out the moderator. Interesting idea for a moderator and ready for those with 3D printers to make inserts for. Just imagine the possibilities!!

The end cap assembly is pretty simple, an O-ring seals the cap and two pins with a knurled end hold the baffle assembly inside.

Again, I can't wait to see what our printer community comes up with for baffles! Look how simple this insert is, it's SO poorly designed but yet the gun is very quiet. A well designed insert should reduce sound by 5dB easy!

(Anybody? Bueller, Bueller?)

Also, as others have noted, the shroud is threaded on both ends and at first blush, it appears that the JTS Airacuda MAX moderator adapter end cap! No, I was not able to try it myself as I have glued my end cap into my MAX.

Be warned, the grub screw under the hex head screw that holds the picatinny rail is complete carp! You will want to pull it out and replace it ASAP. I was able to reassemble the Notos but just a few pounds of torque rounded out the hex cup.

I pulled the barrel and mounted it in my gunsmithing vice, grabbed the cleaning tools and patches and cleaned the barrel until the patches were no longer fruitful. I did not go for a clean metal clean as I was going to JB paste and polish the barrel.

I was delighted to see only 5 patches were needed to do a good cleaning using Hoppes #9 and only 3 patches of JB and Polish were needed to get the bore smooth. No cotton strands were seen after pulling a cotton ball through the barrel, pleasing me greatly!

Looking down the barrel, I saw a well formed and smooth surface. No chatter or typical ribbing, a very nicely made barrel indeed! Cleaning the barrel of the polish took a minute but the end result was clean and dry. I was beginning to get a little excited at this point. Others had posted descent groups but after I finished the cleaning, I went back and pulled a dry patch just to see how smooth the surface was and it occured to me...


Now I am drooling!

After reassembling the gun, I mounted it in the Caldwell and posted a 6 bull target after I got it zeroed in with a 3x9 Bugbuster mounted on the rial, 5 shots shot from 10m.

The results were...



Center to center, left to right, top down:


C'mon, .058 center to center? The kicker? I used CPHP's right out of the tin!


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