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Dragon Claw 50cc "tuned" not quite doing it. Ideas appreciated

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South Eastern Airgunner:
Been gone for a good while but dropped FB about a year or so ago, so I'm back to stay.  My wife bought me a Texan .510 CF a few months ago, but I still LOVE my Dragon Claw, however, I'm giving up so much power taking it over the Texan.  My Dragon Claw has actually been tuned 3 separate times.  Well kinda.  Sent it off to Saddle Mountain for the first tune.  Got it back shooting about 290 FPE with the 350 gr Mr. Hollowpoint FPs.  Wasn't really happy with the power and wanted mine shooting like the one on the website with the.501, 325 gr FP at 375 FPE.  Sent it back and Will quickly replaced the hammer spring and whatever else tuners do.  Very nice guy.  I got it back shooting about 305 FPE with the 350 gr and strangely enough, almost the identical power out of a Mr. Hollowpoint 255 grain HP.  Well, I wanted more power so I sent it to Rich Dudek and it returned at 347 FPE with the 350 grain FPs, but strangely only 317 FPE with the same 255 HPs.  I told Rich I wanted it at 340 or better with the 350s and that is just what I got.  Anyway, I guess he's not really doing that type of tuning anymore so I'm looking for an airgunsmith that can get my gun up to around 400 FPE or very close.  I know about the AAO kit and the CAP kit, but not sure if that would work on an already tuned gun.  Would love some recommendations.  Any advice is appreciated!!

 Sell it and get an .72 cal. AEA Zeus, then mod your Texan to try and keep up. Other than that It would be the Kits you mentioned.

Will got my single tube Claw to 399 fpe on the first go round with 320 grain bullets. Itís been years and my spring has taken a set, Iím only getting about 345 fpe now out of it. It shoots NSA 230 grain at about 325 fpe last time I checked. I was thinking about getting a new spring.

Is yours the double tube? Iíve heard they donít get as much power out of those as the single tube.


Will did mine a few years back to 394fpe with my 318gr slugs
its the single tube, and he did tell me the double tubes are not as powerful.

If I had a big bore Sam Yang/Seneca it would be getting a CAP upgrade.


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