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20 Silencer Test

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--- Quote from: subscriber on April 21, 2024, 09:15:54 PM ---Franky,

I don't understand what you just posted.  It seems to be two quotes, with nothing added by you?

--- End quote ---
I forgot to hit Post, Sorry but I don't know what I never Posted.....Franky


You may have forgotten your intent, but you did hit "post", here:

 I think the question is after removing the OE baffles to fit the Falx, will the Falx still be efficient ??? I would say yes, it should if designed and advertised to do  so.


My only concern would be the reduction in air stripping near the Marauder muzzle, if the stock baffles are removed.  That said, the stock air striper/diverter would remain to center the barrel in the shroud.  If that is sufficient, then no harm would be done.  Else groups may open up.  If they do not, then no harm is done.   An easy experiment to do, I should think.


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