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Always being asked so: An Answer to "Can It Stand the Pressure" for CF Bottles

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It's here in the Darkside because here in this gate are the users asking the question.
Note: I tried to just put this in text form so people could just read it never could find the trick to inserting/posting a PDF document.

The article:

This is actually from the "Review of History Behind Life Extension" on the Digital Wave bottle re-certification site tech data page here:

The KEY common sense takeaway point is that a bottle that passes the 'legal' 15 year life is not going to blow up in your hands and used privately, filled privately, can have many years of service life left.
It just can't be filled at a commercial business any more, legally... see the REAL reason why when you read (and comprehend) the article!

Just KEEP THE MOISTURE OUT OF IT!!!!!  As someone who worked in a hydrotest shop that was the ONLY (not counting exterior phisyical damage) reason we ever downchecked CF bottles, internal corrosion of the aluminum liner from moisture during a pre-hydro visual inspection...
Get and use a dryer cartridge (and check it and keep the desiccant working by regenerating it or changing it out) between your air supply and the tank... even if (especially if!) you fill at a commercial place because THEY may not be giving you dry compressed air.

Most especially, this all applies to the small CF bottles on our air rifles TOO!

Say 'Thank You Carl', haha

Thank you Carl ;D

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