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  I answer these over and over again. So I thought I would include them in one thread

  Q) My 880 won't pump air. What do I do?

  A) simplest answer is, the bolt needs to be cycled to pump air. 2nd most common cause is lack of oil or the wrong oil. 30 weight non detergent is all you want to use. Disregard one of the largest air gun blogs claims that pellgun is the same thing. It is not. 30 wt nd is the only oil for an 880. Make sure the foam wiper at the piston is 1) still there and 2) wet with oil. If it is still there and dry, it will take 4 to 6 good drops of oil to wet it enough. This foam wiper is what keeps your oring oiled.

  Q) I have trouble loading a pellet in my 880. How do I load it

  A) pull the bolt back. Push it forward JUST enough to block the BB loading port. Tilt the gun either slightly towards the ground, or slightly up in the air and roll the pellet in. It won't flip on you if you follow these instructions.

  Q) Ok, more of a statement, "I can't shoot an 880 as pumping it hurts my hands."

 A) Pumping an 880 is really easy if done correctly. Here is how I do it. Learned after removing skin from fingers trying to put all 4 fingers in the pump arm. Put 2 fingers in the pump arm. Palm resting on the top of the pump arm. Off hand at the joint of the stock and receiver. Pump in a scissor like action. Smooth , easy quiet pumping.

  Q) Are the internal parts of a metal receiver 880 the same as the new ones and can I buy them from Daisy?
  A) No, and No. The parts are not the same, and PLEASE forget you read the threads here that say the new seals will work in an old 880. They will not. No Daisy no longer services those guns but several places do, including one of our sponsors Bakers Air guns.

  Just a few random basics.

  If you pick up a used 880 that has clearly shot bb's, clean that barrel and clean it well. I have picked up yard sale 880's and the barrels were so dirty I thought at 1st the rifling was worn out. The rifling was FILLED with copper coating and green growing off of the copper coating from the BB's. HOT water, purple, green or orange bio degradable cleaner, and Qtips are your friends here.

  The stock wiggles. Separate the receiver 1/2's . Safety off, bolt side removed 1st to avoid the safety and spring from flying across the room, and pull out the stock. A few wraps around the portion of the stock that goes into the receiver with electrical tape generally clears that issue right up. This is a common problem with the metal receiver guns and the plastic receiver guns until just a few years ago. The newer Chinese guns took care of this issue

  Toss that stock 4 x 15 scope that comes with the 880 in the garbage. That scope is just that good. Don't blame poor accuracy on a free garbage scope.

  Look up the tape mod. Take 2 minutes out of your life and do it. Your accuracy will improve.

  Pull off the butt plate and put a tube of silicone from a caulking gun into it. The balance and weight of the 880 significantly improve with this simple mod.

  Probably the single most important mod one can do to the 880 is the same as any other AG. DO the trigger mods. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, have someone do it for you. Night and day difference.

  Hope this helps streamline things.



Ok, so this is the perennial Ford - Chevy argument. I have recently bought an 881 that needs re-hab. I have to say right now......I am the original Crosman guy. I love old 101's, I love Crosmans....This 881 impresses me....I have old period one 760's that I consider the best BB- pellet guns ever.....I am going to have my fun with this 881....

How do I determine the date of mfg. ?




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