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Stoeger XM1


I just purchased this gun about a month ago. Things have been hectic, so I haven't had a chance to shoot much. After mounting two different scopes, I noticed that I would have to have an infinity symbol on my up/down adjustment on both scopes. I cannot get the pellet high enough. Has anyone heard anything about the scope rails not being parallel to the bore. I am ignorant on these things, and I'm stumped.  Thank you for any help.

That's common in air guns .  Myself, I would just shimm the rear scope ring . I  just remount the scope  with one or two pieces of black elecrtical tape on the back bottom mount . When reassembling just don't get nuts when you tighten the mounts.If you look around , you'll see this is quite common.

Are you sure the barrel is not bent ? ( this happens as a friend had the same thing on his Gamo )


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