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Has anyone had any issues dealing with Alliance Hobby? I placed an order there back in august that I have paid for but have not received notification it has shipped to me.
Iím a little concerned.

Pretty sure there was a recent thread about this same  topic.

After 1 response from Alliance Hobby, I ordered a power adjuster for my 2240. After 2 weeks of no tracking numbers and no reply from my emails or calls, I had my bank declare it a fraud if they process my payments. I was sad that Alliance Hobby is doing business like this, it is really hurting their reputation.

I placed an order on Oct. 10th and the money was take from my credit card on Oct. 12th. Contacted them by email on Nov. 7th and again Nov. 16th. They replied to the second email, claiming that they had answered my first email but I could find nothing from them in any email account or spam/junk folder. This past Monday I called them and got a message that the Google account was not available. I am going to file a dispute with my credit card company. As far as I'm concerned, they stole my money.


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