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Author Topic: Tulsa Oklahoma indoor silhouette weekly match  (Read 3737 times))

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Tulsa Oklahoma indoor silhouette weekly match
« on: March 29, 2016, 12:02:42 PM »
Tulsa is 100 miles West of NW Arkansas and I have made the trip numerous times to join the Tulsa Airgun Group for their weekly Silhouette shoot. There are 10-20 guys and a few ladies who show up weekly for an excellent opportunity to shoot metal chickens, pigs, turkeys and Rams indoors at 10M.   They have been shooting at the Oil Capital Rod & Gun Club for over 15 years!

Mr Kelley opens the doors at 4PM with two hours of practice time and socializing before the pistol match begins at 6PM. Then a rifle match begins immediately after the pistols about 6:45. There are 6 lanes and an excellent pellet trap to keep all the lead in the appropriate place. there is a dedicated timer, score cards and padded shooting bench. The cost is a very reasonable $1 for each of the pistol and rifle matches!

My first time to Tulsa  in 2007 was my first ever silhouette match. I learned a lot. After missing about half the targets with my FN8, I realized it was a knife in a gun battle. the FN8 had lots of power which was unnecessary and added a good bit of muzzle flip to my shooting. Additionally, the sport trigger had me pulling laterally as I fought to squeeze the 4lb pull. Thankfully, I borrowed one of the many IZH 46Ms with a scope and shot a 16/20.... Much better. Also took apart the FN8 trigger and replaced several springs making it closer to 1lb and MUCH more stable for offhand shooting.

Three trips later the match was excellent as usual. Able to shoot a 18/20 with a borrowed IZH and then a 38/40 with my 20 ft-lb springer! Best of all was the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Another nice feature is a vast array of airguns. There were pistols of all makes - LP50, IZH, Morini, CO2, SSP, Compressed air. The rifles also had a wide range from FwbP70, to Anschutz SSP, Anschutz 350, TX200, AA Shamal, Parker Hale Dragon, Whiscombe JW70, FWB 124, Rapid ...... The range limits power to 20 ft-lbs but prefers softer shooting rifles to keep the steel animals from being damaged.

There is plenty of room for more shooters and if you are near Tulsa, you should find time to swing by the range on a Thursday night.

Here are a couple of photos taken while I was waiting my session. First is during the rifle match,  the third is people sighting in their rifle.  Even brought my 9yo daughter and she learned to shoot open sites with a IZH 60 and a few years later used her brothers scoped R7 and a rest to shoot a perfect 40/40!

People interested can contact Bob Kelley at
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Re: Tulsa Oklahoma indoor silhouette weekly match
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2016, 05:45:53 PM »
Cool report!
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Re: Tulsa Oklahoma indoor silhouette weekly match
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2020, 07:44:14 PM »
Does any of these Tulsa Airgun clubs still exist? I have been looking for a group of air gun gurus to meet and brain pic and really just build some local friendships.
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