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I have a Mark II that I found at a gun show for almost nothing.   Just needed new o-rings in the fill plug.  It is my favorite pistol, very accurate.
Bargain Gate / Re: Banjamin Akela 40% off
« Last post by stroo on Today at 08:32:11 PM »

Sounds like you are suffering from a bad case of GAS.

It's a sub-condition of the more common GAS


Somehow it affects men disproportionally. The only cure is to go broke.
Nope!  Going broke didn't do it...   ;D
The Long Range Club / Re: One of my nearby "Permissions"!
« Last post by bear air on Today at 08:18:08 PM »
Very interested to see your results Bob. Also hope they  had a rejuvenating season and you have a target rich environment!
Shooting Match Gates / Re: Off Season 10M Casual Match #2 Year 22/23
« Last post by KB7PYF on Today at 08:14:55 PM »
Todd, I couldn't agree more. I thoroughly enjoy shooting my springer's. When I do well, you can't wipe to smile off my face! I just wish I could shoot them as well as I do my PCPs.
Hunting Gate / Re: Great white squirrel
« Last post by Blowpipe Sam on Today at 08:11:44 PM »
I got out to the spot this a.m. before 6:30.  My head has not been in the game the last few hunting trips and I was determined to stay more focused today.  I passed on several early gray squirrels.  My freezer is filled and I’m concentrating on getting a white pelt.  I investigated a couple of noisy squawkers but they were both grays.  I scanned the river banks above and below the bridge hoping I might get a better view than through the dense  undergrowth beneath the trees.   No white squirrel today but I’m thinking of expanding my hunting area to include a couple more spots where I have seen white squirrels in the past.
I have the SS that I put a CF bottle on. With RB it shoots well. I also have the Lee 340 and with those out of the mold I can hit a 3" round plate at 35 yards just about every time standing.
German AirGun Gate / Re: Compare HW 80 and HW 85
« Last post by Bayman on Today at 08:05:17 PM »
The pictures show a 26mm tube on the 85 Luxus. I seriously doubt the power output listed at Krale is correct. I'd recommend you use the power output of the regular 85.

If you have a 95 the 85 is the same gun with a longer barrel. If you want more power you need to step up to the Hw80. It has a 30mm tube and pumps more air out the end.
PCP/CO2/HPA Air Gun Gates "The Darkside" / Re: 1358 LDC
« Last post by TennX on Today at 08:03:02 PM »
Slick. ^^^^^^^^^…while I think it looks good with no shroud…..for some reason I like it for my set up…been thinking 1357…lol…good luck

I think Soup makes one of the quietest LDC available to us….price aint bad either…
I'm hanging new track lites in my office/gun repair/photo studio/random stuff room.    Old eyes need a LOT more light than I could get with the old track lites.   I'm a bit irritated that the new track was poorly designed and I had to make some minor modifications.   Don't have enough toggle bolts to finish the job.   A one hour job now takes me all afternoon.    I recall it being easier once upon a time.
As in younger?? 🤪
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