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Author Topic: ATN THOR 4 THERMAL RIFLE SCOPE – Taking It Out For A Test Run  (Read 273 times))

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Before I take the ATN THOR 4 on a hunt, I want to be sure of how to use it and what exactly I’m looking at. A friend of mine has a small farm and she has been having predator issues, fox, bobcats and cougars coming in and killing her livestock. She asked if I would come help her out. With my ATN X-Sight 4K mounted on my Evanix Rex .45 in addition to my new ATN Thor 4 Thermal Scope (as a spotter) I gladly agreed to help. We climbed onto one of her containers and camped out all night and this is what we saw. Though the only intruder I saw were rats and a couple domestic cats, it was still a great opportunity to see what a great and clear thermal reading the ATN THOR 4 puts out! Thanks ATN, it’s time to mount it on my Gamo TC-45 and take it on a hog hunt!

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