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Guidelines for Posting in the Air gun and Related Accessories Review Gates


bubba zanetti:
What is a review?

Well for the GTA Air gun and Related Accessories Gate it is the written statement that evaluates a product or item fellow air gunners may use or have an interest in purchasing themselves.

Guidelines in writing a review

A review does not have to be long, but it should be filled with some specific written details. Pictures and videos are nice but not necessary for a good review. An example ‘simple’ review with specific written detail is:

“I was at my local Wal-Mart and bought some Rugar branded .177 caliber pellets. I tried them in my Crosman 1377, using 8 pumps, and at 15 yards measured, I shot dime sized groups when resting on my shooting bags. Give them a try in your 1377 and see how they work!”

This review tells the readers were they purchased the product and the products name, AG used, how many pumps used, the distance to target, they were on a rest and the results of how the product worked. Easy and to the point.

Pictures/ Video

Although not needed for a good review, we all know the statement: “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  If we took the review example from above and posted a picture of the Rugar pellet box/ tin and a picture of the dime sized group, that shows the readers the exact product and a picture of the results. Something to remember is a store or company may carry the same or slightly different version of what we think is the same product. Maybe the Rugar branded pellets in Texas have a white label but in New York they are black or they have yellow labels in a European country. This may cause more questions, but it does allow for a reader to realize they may not have the same item for reasons beyond their control. Or it is the same and badged under different colored labels. In addition, we all love to SEE results. Nothing like gazing upon a nice tight grouping of pellets!

Another thing to consider with posting a picture is when reviewing scopes and optics. Just a simple picture of the scope mounted on an air gun along with the written review is helpful beyond measure. This allows the readers to see what the scope looks like mounted. That In turn answers questions the readers may have from how the scope ‘looks’ on the air gun to basic eye relief.
So again, although not necessary, please consider posting a picture or pictures with your review if possible.

As far as video, well the sky is the limit…just think of Ted’s Holdover as an example for higher end production and editing. The reality however is not all of us have time to edit videos or even post pictures, but if you do want to post video please remember it is about the product you are reviewing. Short and to the point helps keep the focus on the product being reviewed.

What is NOT a review?

Here is an example:

“I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw some Rugar branded. 177 pellets. Anybody try these?”

That is a question, not a review. Threads that begin this way will be moved to the appropriate gate so an answer or answers can be provided.

Negative Reviews

Ok, so you bought an air gun product and it has not met what the manufacturer(s) claims or otherwise. The best piece of advice I can give is first, read the GTA rules and let them serve as a guide in writing a negative review. The second is, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Stick to the facts of why the product failed to meet expectations or manufacturer claims. Inflammatory language only tells the readers you are angry and such language can completely overlook how the product failed if it even failed at all. Expressing disappointment is completely acceptable and often people can confuse the two when writing a review. If you find yourself with a product you want to write a negative review, but are struggling with the language to keep within the rules. Please Private Message me or any of the GTA Moderators and/ or Administrators and we will do what we can to help articulate the review so other GTA members are aware of a products shortcomings and failures that keep them from suffering the same issues.

Have fun!

That’s what this is really all about. Written reviews can be very, very helpful to our fellow air gun enthusiasts as they make their buying choices. Therefore, the GTA members who write ‘review’ threads should take their posts seriously. They are putting their opinion about a product on a public forum to be read by anyone from a few people to possibly thousands. You have four (4) gates to choose from (Air Gun Review, Scopes & Optics Review, Pellet Review and All Accessories Air Gun Gate) in were you place your review.

Lastly, and as a gentle reminder, the GTA rules apply for any thread posted so please be mindful in what you write.

For quick reference, here is the link to the GTA Rules:

Have fun and looking forward to your reviews!

Bubba Zanetti and the GTA Staff

How do you add a picture to your review? Thanks

bubba zanetti:
Jonnyboy did a great writ up on how to post pics using Photobucket. It is found here:



--- Quote from: Bubba Zanetti on July 31, 2015, 09:30:15 AM ---Jonnyboy did a great writ up on how to post pics using Photobucket. It is found here:


--- End quote ---

Photobucket recently killed the ability to link images without you paying. I'm not sure what the great alternatives are, many will host photos for free but will bb code work?


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