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Tip For Installing A New Seal

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 A tip for installing a seal
on: February 26, 2010, 04:05:16 PM  

Here's a post I revived from the old forum while we wait for all of them to be migrated.
This was a while back but still works good today and forever...LOL

I bought my Benji Super Streak back in October 09. I ordered a new piston with seal, mainspring and breach seal since I planned on doing an immediate home lube/tune. After breaking it down, I discovered the seal was torn pretty badly in a couple of places. So I was proud I had pre-ordered the replacement parts. I lubed and installed the new seal/piston. The end cap on the Benji chamber is threaded. A good safety device to make sure everything stays where it's needed but a real PITA when you install a new seal. As I worked the new seal/piston in place, I quickly discovered how the factory seal got buggered up. The threads on the end chewed a little on my new seal. DARN....I went ahead and finished assembling.

I found out the Walther Falcon Maccari seal worked great for the Benji so I ordered a couple. After they arrived, I used one in my Powerline 1000S and proceeded to tear the Benji down to install the great new seal. When I got ready to install, I lightly lubed the rim of the seal with moly. Trying to be very careful as I worked it into the chamber and past the threads. I heard that terrifying tearing sound and saw a little sliver of red seal hanging just past the threads. DARN!!!!!!

Well, I ordered some more Maccari seals. Now I'm REALLY determined to get a clean install. After pondering the installation, I devised a plan. Below you will see the pictures of my install that went PERFECT. I now have an excellent, better than factory, piston seal and can't wait to chrony it tomorrow. There's probably other airguns out there that use a threaded end cap. This little trick will work for any of those and probably save you money and seals. Just hate that it took me 3 seals to finally learn a lesson. Hope this is useful to at least one person.

Happy Shooting....and modding!!!!




454 Big Block Chevy:
Fantastic info!!!


Very nice!  great idea!

Dave, just read your post.  It reminded me about  using the soda can shim for easing a new seal into the tube without damage.  I am going to be putting a new seal on a G-1 soon.    It should make the job easier. Thanks for the reminder.


 wait a min DAVE !!!!!  I used a mt dew can maybe I need to take it back out and use a coke can..LOL thanks dave for the info. david


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