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hawke 3x9x40AO airmax map 6


fl tom:
i have mixed feelings about this scope. it does seem well made and has performed well on my 22 jm tuned 34p. about 3 hundred rounds since the tune. it has held zero just fine at 40yds. the optics are clear and adjustments are pos. now the parts i dont like. for one, the map6 recticle is way to clutered for my tastes. all the dots are almost on top of one another and the fact that the crosshairs are so thick dosnt help. they are almost as bad as the bugbuster. i have great eye sight but its just too 'busy' around the center. and my final complaint is why the *(&^ do they have a turret cover on the horizontal adjustment but leave the vertical open?? it makes no sense to me. i found nothing wrong with plain mildots on the leapers and they served the exact same purpose and arent stacked on top of one another. i should have saved a few bucks and got a leapers of the same size. overall i dont feel its worth the extra money i paid for it over other brand scopes. live and learn.

 Well, i've got this scope now and i agree with everything tom said.

  The bad: Sorta heavy, crosshairs are to thick for target shooting imo, AO and magnification adj. knobs are so tight you can barely turn them, nutty open turret on top with a rather easy to turn knob, Adj. knobs feel like metal on metal grating inside... definitely not your ordinary "click".... also,  if i peel the "nitrogen filled" sticker off that port hole under the turrets... will all the nitrogen leak out?? lol,

   The good: sorta heavy and strong feeling, heavy crosshairs are perfect for hunting scenarios, surprisingly bright and clear optics, the clicks upon adjustment apparently do go in the general direction intended and seem to stay there, crosshairs internally are straight and plumb, none of the distortion i've seen on most leapers, less "blackout" with this scope than a leapers, you don't have to line your eye up as perfectly to get a full view and finally, i love the short length.. right at 12" long, a rare thing in a 40mm AO spring rated scope.

  I've got to take a wait and see attitude with this scope, i actually shot the best group i've ever fired out of my phantom with this scope newly mounted tonight. 25 yards, superdomes and a rest.. 5 shots in a ragged hole with not a flyer to be found. I've spent so much time trying to figure out the flyers with this gun lately .. may turn out to have been the 4x16cp that was mounted on her.  So i have high hopes that this is a good scope, a bit quirky but if it will just hold zero... another thousand rounds or so and i'll know.


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