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The purpose of creating and maintaining an informal GTA Pellet Exchange database/clearinghouse is to allow members to test various pellets without having to purchase entire tins, only to realize that a given type of pellet is a “dud” in a particular air gun (we’ve all been there… don’t deny it).

Basic rules:
1.   GTA Members create a post listing which pellets they own, that they’re willing to send to other members
2.   GTA Members look at posts, and if a particular pellet or pellets strikes their eye, they send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to the poster to arrange specifics (trade, or otherwise)
3.   Posters must maintain posts, adding or deleting pellets from the post, or deleting their post entirely, to keep the Pellet Exchange up-to-date

In-depth rules, goals of the Pellet Exchange, Shipping Costs, etc.
The concept is relatively straightforward: We humbly ask that any GTA member with some pellets to spare (or some pellets that are “always magic” in a given gun) please create a post, listing which pellets are available to send to or trade with other members. If someone perusing the posts sees that a member has pellets he’d like to try, he simply sends a PRIVATE MESSAGE to the poster, and the two parties discuss the particulars.

Do NOT reply to a post except to ask clarifying questions (avg. head diameter? thin/thick skirts? hard lead? etc.), or create “Looking for ‘x’-type of pellet” posts. Using Private Messages will keep the Pellet Exchange clean and easier to navigate. ANY POSTS NOT LISTING PELLETS AVAILABLE WILL BE DELETED, and posts containing extraneous verbiage not on-topic with the Pellet Exchange will be edited to ensure brevity.

We ask that any member that creates a post MAINTAIN the post, adding or deleting pellets that you're willing to send out, as needed. If there are specific questions asked through replies to your post, consider including the answers in your post when you edit it. If you no longer have any pellets to share, please delete the post in its entirety to keep the Pellet Exchange up-to-date and easy to navigate. Feel free to list any pellets for which you're searching UNDER THE PELLETS YOU HAVE TO SEND. If you're looking for a particular weight, head shape, etc., let us know. Once someone sends you what you need, just modify your post to reflect the fact that you're not looking for that particular pellet, anymore. Remember that if you don't list pellets you're willing to send out, your post will be deleted. If you're simply searching for pellets, read the posts that are already up.

EXAMPLE POST: [Remember that some members will not be familiar with specific manufacturers, names, shapes etc., so add in all of the information they will need. If you have hand-cast or other unique pellets, please include as much information as possible i.e. craftsman, sizing variance, etc.]

.22, Crosman Premier Hollow Points (“CPHP”), 14.3gr
.22, RWS Superdome, 14.5gr
.22 H&N Field Target Trophy (dome), 14.66gr, 5.54 head
.22 JSB Exact Jumbo Express Diablo (dome), 14.35gr

-Looking for .22 pellets to test in new QB79 on HPA

Sending or trading pellets is STRICTLY VOLUNTARY, and there is no catalog or record of pellets sent by members. Some of us may have a lot of pellets to share, and some of us might not have excess pellets. The key to the Pellet Exchange is to not be focused on the "exchange" part: Every transaction doesn't have to be equal, caliber-wise or according to relative value. The goal of the Pellet Exchange isn’t that we "transact business" here (though there is no problem with that, as long as discussions are via PM), so much as a fraternity of shooters giving each other a hand, if they have the time, resources, and energy. This might make it easier for folks who don't need any pellets at present, but who have too many that they don't need sitting around. Also, shooters new to the sport might not have ANY pellets to exchange, and are merely looking for a few “tried-and-true” pellets to test in a new gun.

We encourage everyone to ask lots of questions via PM, and don’t be afraid to ask for anything: Sending out pellets but not getting any in return? Don’t feel bad asking someone to cover shipping costs. They are really inexpensive [see below], and most of us will gladly pay a few bucks to test some pellets, instead of paying $40 for three tins of pellets that might not even be what we need. Do you own nothing but .22 guns, or make hand-cast 9mm slugs, but need some .177 pellets for a new rifle for your niece? I’m sure there’s someone willing to work with you, and a quick PM will allow you to sort it out.

Shipping Costs Example [as of 2-13-2013]: After carefully packaging 40 .22 pellets (1.32oz, with an average of 14.45gr per pellet), the least expensive USPS shipping option from Sacramento, CA, to Houlton, Maine, will cost:
- $2.07 (2.8 oz, handmade box measuring 6.5"x1.75"x2")
If the weight increased, the cost would be:
- $2.75 for 7 oz
- $3.09 for 9 oz

So even with a small package going over a half-pound, you're looking at less than $5. (Prices don't include any type of tracking.)

THESE RULES MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME, AND ARE MEANT TO REFLECT THE NEEDS OF GTA MEMBERS. We welcome your feedback, and would like to make this sticky a place that serves a unique function, and does it well. It might be good to allow a “Looking to Split” option, so folks can go in on the cost of a tin of lead-free pellets, etc.; once the group is formed and the pellets purchased, the post can be deleted. That's just an example, so let us know!

Available:  (A box with ten, each, of the first four is already wrapped and ready to go, BTW...)

.22, Crosman Premier Hollow Points (“CPHP”), 14.3gr
.22, RWS Superdome, 14.5gr
.22 H&N Field Target Trophy (dome), 14.66gr, 5.54 head
.22 JSB Exact Jumbo Express Diablo (dome), 14.35gr
.22 Predator Polymags, 16gr
.22 RWS Super-H-Point 14.2gr
.22 JSB Exact Jumbo RS 13.43gr
.22 JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr

.25 H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme 28.4gr
.25 H&N Hollow Point 26.34gr (only 11 left)
.25 H&N Field Target 24.38gr
.25 H&N Crow Mags 26.23gr
.25 H&N Baracuda 31.02gr
.25 Predator Polymag 26gr
.25 Benjamin Domes 27gr
.25 JSB Exact King 25.39gr

.177 Catalina domes, 8.64gr (Relabeled H&N Field Target Trophy, with 4.51 head)
.177 Crosman Points
.177 Crosman Premier Hollow Points (“CPHP”)

Looking for:

- .22 AA pellets (any weight)
- .22 H&N Terminator
- .22 H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme
- .22 H&N Rabbit Magnum II
- .22 H&N Baracuda Green/Beeman ECO Kodiak (same pellet)

I've had a number of favors done for me by folks on this board, gratis.

I think I'd like to pay it forward.

If you're in a pinch ($-wise) but need to test some .177 pellets, I have:

.177 RWS Diablos

.177 Beeman HP's (Silver Bear-like)

.177 Beeman Wadcutters

I can send out a dozen of each. I'm good for a couple rounds of this, anyway, but when I'm done, I'll note it here. :)

Just send pm me your address. I'll try to get something out to you this week.

Sqrl Klr:
Anyone have a sample amount of .22 h&n baracuda match in 5.52mm size? I have around 50 pellets in kodiak 5.50mm size that I would trade you for them, or if you don't want the kodiaks I would pay around $3 for around 50 of them with shipping included. If so send me a pm.


.22, RWS Superdome, 14.5gr (trade made)
.22 JSB Exact Jumbo Express Diablo (dome), 14.35gr

Looking for (maybe 20 count, if you can swing it, then 10, if not):

- .22 Beeman FTS domes, 14.66 gr (recently purchased so I don't get something that isn't available anymore)
- .22 JSB Exact Jumbo domes, 15.9 gr (trade made)


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