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Sun Shade Anyone? (PICS)

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After much searching for an after market sun shade to fit the centerpoint scope my XL1100 came with, I found one company and their flimsy products fall short of &^^&. So heres a couple of pics of the sun shade I made for my scope. It's a perfect fit. Sturdy but with a fairly thin profile. Heavy even rubber coating inside and out. I also made one for my BSA 6x24 44mm.

nice work what did you make it put of? I need to make one for my centerpoint as well

Find a suitable plastic container with a slightly bigger diameter than the end of the scope, (note that the end of our CP3940AO scope has about a 1/2 inch reveal then the diameter of the objective bell rises an 1/8 or so,I taylored mine to fit tight over the reveal),I suggest useing a plastic that is sturdy enough to hold its shape, but with a thin enough profile to remain light weight and a bit flexible if need be. I used my ole ladies shampoo bottle,(it still had shampoo in it,she was'nt happy ;D). After you cut and square the ends make sure to sand the whole thing with 600 grit under running water before you apply your finish. 

Out of curiosity, where did you buy the sun shade that you didn't like, and what didn't you like about it? Thanks

crowkilla: They make the clear shot.Very flimsy,poor fit.


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