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Hi all

Once again, I'm looking for a little help from the forum, this time about an optic.

I'm trying to decide what optic to top my .177 Diana 54 with, and I think the front runner is the new Heras 4-20x50 with the 2nd focal plane MOA reticle.
On paper, it looks like it will do the trick but I have never seen one in person, so "paper" is all I have to go by...

One thing I especially like is the ability to dial the magnification back to 19X to set the reticle graduations to true inch at 100, because the MOA reticle is correct at 20X.

That suits me - I'm old and think of everything past my far zero in terms of X inches of drop at X yards.  MOA is close, but I like working in the real thing for simplicity.  Can't do that with Mil reticles if the reticle is correct at max magnification.

Also the reticle is good for 30 MOA of drop, which will cover me out past 100 yards.  And of course I can dial some correction and/or diffently as well to get beyond that.

A 30mm tube would be better, but I can live with a 1 inch.  Weight is fine.  Eye relief is fine, even on the sliding action 54.

Length, at 13.3", should just fit.  Close, but fit and leave room for loading.

Cost everywhere is around $340, though I'll hold out for a sale.  I expected to pay more until I looked into this one so no worries.

Hopefully, some of you will have some experience with the Heras line, and be able to give me some good dope.

And if you have another recommendation, just let me know.



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