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Best blued steel scopes for springers..?


I'm wondering which of the old steel bodied Weaver/Lyman/Redfield etc scopes will hold up to springers (let's say 12 ft/lbs is the upper limit) and would work well optically.
Obviously something with AO would be great but also harder to find.

FWIW, I just mounted an old Weaver K3 on a Diana 50 and despite the modest glass quality it's a pretty good match to the rifle.  It's a duplex which I much prefer, as they provide two reference points for aiming. 
I'm hoping to find other good old springers that can mount scopes, and I am fresh out of suitable steel bodied scopes so I'll be keeping an eye out for 1 or 2 good ones.

If anyone has experience or advice to share, please do.


Most, if not all of the vintage Weaver steel scopes have wire reticles. Wire reticles are more fragile than etched, something to consider when paired with a springer of any strength.


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