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Dovetail to Weaver Adapters Options

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Exactly the type information I was looking for, thank you folks.
So Back_Roads... if I wanted the adapters to remain in place on the gun and not move (after the scope + rings were removed), the Acexier two piece converters with the curved base could be a good choice?

Berserkeley Mike:
Also, double check that the Weaver rings' cross-rod spacing will match the ridge and groove spacing on the adaptor.  The 2-piece rings I've seen have only one rod each, and as they can move independently they should be able to match any spacing.  But a 1-piece mount may match or may not!  Maybe it is a Picatinny vs. Weaver thing, which I can't figure out... For a one-piece mount, the two adaptor option might line things up more reliably.

And, confirming what Huntr said, that third type will come off with the rings, otherwise they are low-profile and handy, if not super "strong"; like, I wouldn't use them for a magnum springer.

Great information folks and I do appreciate it, thanks again.
From the replies it sounds like your understanding what I want to achieve and that is maintain close approximation to zero with the adapters after the scope is removed.
I could do that I suppose, with a scope stop but those are few and far between availability wise. I considered buying cheap rings, chopping the base off the rings, and milling the chop as low as possible and finishing with aluminum black. So much trouble...
The adapters sound like an easier, cleaner look. Maybe even allow a lower profile than the Picatinny rails I've been using.


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