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Forced into maximum space saving, I must now remove the scope prior to racking my guns for storage. I want to change from a dovetail to picatinny adapter to individual dovetail to weaver adapters as pictured in the attachments below.
Two styles are available. One style has a curved base for rounded dovetails and the other style is flat for Diana type dovetail rails.
Supposedly the adapters are positioned as desired and the set screws in the adapter hold the adapter in postion long renough for the ring to be installed onto the adapter. Tightening the ring foot screws apparently further clamps the adapter and the scope as a result, is adequately anchored.
Has anyone used this type adapter? If so, what is your educated opinion on their use?

There are various dovetail to Weaver adapters.  All have some means of clamping the adapter onto the dovetail.  None depend on the installation of Weaver rings for any additional clamping action.  They support the Weaver scope rings, they are not secured by the rings.  They may have a reversing side plate on one side for better security on either 3/8" or 11 mm dovetails.

It is specifically the two different Acxico adapters displayed in my attachments that I would like to know more about.

 This style once mounted is hard to swap out, I have one stuck on my Jet1 ;)

I have used the others no issues.

The third style will come off with the rings, in my experience, not stay in place. The clamping force is provided by the ring screws. Even if they did stay in place, there is little chance your zero would stay EXACTLY the same.


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