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Opinions wanted - fixed 6X scope w/fixed parallax

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Hi all,

Bought a very nice HW95 and now comes Stage 2 - finding just the right scope.

I would love a small, light scope w/parallax adj and an MOA or half mil reticle. Anything from a 2-8 to a 4-12.
Since I don't think any company makes what I want, I've started thinking about compromises.
I happen to have a duplex Leupold M8 6X that needs a rifle, and I wonder how things would work out if I adjusted the parallax to 35yds and used it on the 95.  I'm not convinced that it would be a good thing.

So, if anyone out there has "dialed down" a fixed magnification scope, please give me some good dope.


 I have a number of Spring rated AO MD and NonAO HMD scopes that i have been using on my Air Rfles.
 On the Non Adjustable Objective types, you should be able to unscrew the first objective ring on the objective end of the scope. Some have a second ring that locks the objectove setting. Normally there are 2 or 4 notches that are used to manually adust the setting. I have found some brands are hard to adjust being locktighted or glued in. I have used two small screw drivers to adjust the parallax usually by adjusting Counter clockwise.
 Set the scope to view the range you would like to set to, 35yards in your example. Look through until you are centered keeping the scope stationary. Then move your viewing eye left and right, you should see your reticle drift the opposite direction of your head movement. Adjust Out until you no longer see your reticle move at your desired range. You can add a drop of blue locktight if you would like. As you tighten the retaining ring ensure that your objective setting doesnt shift. Next tighten all rings on the objective.
 I dont have a Leupold Mx- .
 I have on Spring Piston and Gasrams;
 All listed below are Spring rated
Barska4x32mm AO MD
Barska2-7x32mm AO MD
Leapers 4x32mm MD < 35Yard Parallax- factory set>
Hammers 3-9x32mm AO MD
Nyleobon 3-9x40mm HMD< 35yard Parallax


Thank you Nukall

Do you find that it really helps with close focus as well, or is that depth of field more controlled by other aspects of the optic?
Obviously, changing the distance of that lens will affect some change, but it is only 1 "ingredient"...


 The scopesi have manually adjusted were plain package 4x32mm scopes and 3 of Svitvu 3-9x32mm HMD. The Svitvu have a 100 yard parallax, so i reset objective to be parallax free at 30-35yards. You would most likely have to adjust your focus ring on the eyebox to have a clear sight at these shorter ranges < 20-40yards.  I use the Svitvu3-9x32mm HMD on my Multipump Airguns. I havent tried them on breakbarrels, but they would most likely hold Zero on lower 12FPE and under rifles..
 I have seen while looking around a Spring rated Hammers Compact 6x40mm AO MD, looks pretty and i would like one. I have used Valiant 6x40mm AO MD though on PB Rifles. Most of my 2-7xs and 3-9xs are set on 4.5x or 5x and left there once sighted in,,, changing magnification requires resight in.. IME
 Anywere between 4-6x is good for me in for nearly all situations id come across when using Air rifles. More magnification brings about more percieved movement and less FOV.


I have a Leupold that I dialed down several years ago that sits on a 10/22 takedown. Itís a compact 6x. It was easy to get dialed in for 50 yards. Iirc, the lock ring was pretty snug but not loctited.

Good luck,


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