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Good morning everyone.

I purchased an old HW70 and have run into a problem. The sear is broken.
It appears to be stamped steel.

Not sure if this could be welded and reshaped or if a new piece could be made. I would rather pay someone to make one than try to fix this one.

I have seen some threads in the past of people offering machine work, I hope this is the right place.

Hi Kurt, the easy thing to do would be to see if you can get a replacement part.  Paying someone to duplicate it would cost way more than the replacement part.  However, if you can't get a replacement, I'm sure someone could duplicate it.  It doesn't look that complicated. 

What might help your cause is to take a close up of this part with a scale (ruler) in the picture, with the image in focus.  I can't tell where the piece broke off, simply because the image is fuzzy.  You can attach photos up to about 1920x1440 pixels here without trouble.

Try to work with someone local, because fitting a piece is tough if you have to mail it back and forth.  The latter can be done, but it will take a bit longer.  To get the best fit, you would have to give the piece to the machinist.  Ideally they would have access to an image of the unbroken part.  If you have the broken piece, send it with the part to the machinist.  It will give him or her a clue as to the original, unbroken piece.

I have duplicated similar size pieces, and it often takes longer than you think, especially if inside of a working mechanism, it all has to fit.  If you can't find someone to take this on, let me know, I'm willing to give it a go.  But, honestly, it's better to find someone local so it takes less time.

get some steel strapping from an old shipping crate used for shipping machinery  or call up Uline  for a  some free samples  to check thickness compatibility

how thick is the part ?

I've made similar shaped pieces from discarded disk-brake-pad-backs. The scrapped steel plates may be 1/8"-5/32"-3/16" thick and can be easily cut/shaped/drilled with common tools.
Unfortunately I don't think THAT steel can be properly HARDENED/TEMPERED for use as a springer sear. Any material experts out there know if brake-pad-steel can be hardened?

An OEM part would be preferred.

Choosing the right steel, shaping the part, then proper hardening/tempering for use as a springer sear is a significant project. FINE if you really ENJOY that kind of project but a hard NO if you just want to repair and shoot! :-)

Personally, I'd make this out of some sort of spring steel, rather than junk scrap, so that it would increase your chances of a useful piece.  Of course, I don't have any dimensions of the part, so it would be hard to estimate costs.  But you can find annealed spring steel at just search for easy to form wear resistant 1095 spring steel.  A 3"x3" piece shouldn't cost much if it isn't' too thick.  I suppose one could start with hardened steel and grind it, but you'd have to be careful to not get it too hot.

But I'd be hunting down some old parts dealers first before even thinking about fabrication.  It's not hard to get it to the right shape, but doing the heat treat is tricky with simple tools, as opposed to a proper heat treat oven.


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