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Diana Bullseye ZR mount O ring placement

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--- Quote from: Rob MacRuger on December 29, 2023, 06:24:10 PM --- The conical screw head does have a bare metal wear mark now.

--- End quote ---

That's good. It means things are "mating" to each other.

Keep us posted!


With the scope mounted and rifle on a steady rest I do notice some verticle movement of the crosshairs at 25 yards. This is observed by slightly pushing on the top rear of the scope while looking through it. Maybe 1/2" max of observable movement at 25 yards. This can explain why the rifle shot better groups with the solid mount.
I was thinking a couple set screws with nylon tips after drilling and tapping the mount over the two sliding rails. However finding nylon tipped set screws seemed to be an online only order. Even Ace Hardware let me down. I ended up tapping two holes with a 6-32 tap and dropping a very tiny sliver of nylon under a steel 6-32 set screw. That eliminated the vertical wobble as well as any observable horizontal movement. This also filled my afternoon with busy work. A few shots on a target was very promising.

One thing I found interesting was an O ring folded up inside the hole where the rebound spring sits. I left it out when I reassembled.

 ;) I removed the $100 barrel tuner, $300 scope and $80 mount and re-installed the factory front sight after realizing I was getting too obsessed with accuracy from this magnum springer pellet rifle.

I have custom centerfire and rimfire rifles and pistols that do that job far far better without adding or subtracting an O-ring or two or installing set screws and hoping for the best. Or worrying about destroying a nice scope. ZR mount assigned to the spare parts bin for now.
It was fun while it lasted.

Iron sights at 34 yards was actually a blast from the past today, even wearing my crappy multi-focus glasses.

Springers have a way of amplifying every mistake I ever made in marksmanship. With springers, when the shooting is good life is great and when the shooting is bad.. life is still great but the shooting I blame on my sights.

Well said,

This D54 shoots very good. I am amazed at some of the groups.

After destroying one scope with a solid mount I tried the ZR mount. It is a little finicky due to design.

I really enjoy using a higher magnification scope. One benefit is not having to bring my spotting scope. Downside is that I can't afford a good compact one. The one I was recently using is 15" in length. Way to long on this rifle to get a good cheek weld, shoulder the rifle and get good eye relief at the same time. Not to mention having enough room to insert the pellet. The one I destroyed is almost the same size.
The stock 4X32 RWS scope is the perfect size with the solid mount. The very thick cross hairs not so good.

After purchasing a barrel tuner and spending much time experimenting I was seeing amazing groups. After I switched back and forth from iron sights I could never quite get the same accuracy again. Six set screws on a loose fit didn't help so I think. Tuner went in the spare parts bin with the ZR.

Iron sights: it took me quite a few shots and adjusting to get on center but I didn't give up. The final results were rewarding for an old man.

Original RWS 4X scope with solid mount will be my scope setup when I switch back. It shoots good enough with that.


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