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DIY Spring Compressor Dims.

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I'm laying out a spring compressor, but being a novice who hasn't been around many air rifles, a couple questions come to mine:

1) What's the longest receiver/tube I should play to accommodate? (Only frame of reference is my one gun, a Hatsan 95 which is around 19")

2) Similar question: What's the max stroke I can expect to come across?

Thank you, Wise Ones!

Frank in Fairfield:
My mechanic (motorhead) uses an adjustable bar clamp.
In that way he can accommodate many action lengths.
Similar to this:

I figure on an overall length of the spring compressor at 42 inches.  My jack screw is four or five inches long.  If you use a pipe clamp, which is a good option, seek one out that has about a four inch jack screw due to possible preload on the spring.  I made my own from a four foot piece of 2 X 4, a modified C Clamp, and some assorted hardware.  I've attached illustrations and instructions.  If you go to dismantle a Diana air rifle use care to put no pressure on the safety.  A dummy pin at least in the rear retaining pin hole in a T01 or T06 version is a good idea.

One way is to make the muzzle end stop adjustable. It takes a little more designing and assembly but the flexibility is worth it.

I was going to make the muzzle end stop adjustable but got lazy.  My compressor is a little longer than I need for any gun so I place assorted wood blocks between the muzzle and the end stop to take up extra space. 


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