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362 Anniversary Edition

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F. Baum:

Still hasn't sold out ??


--- Quote from: Acapulco on August 19, 2023, 01:47:57 AM ---Still hasn't sold out ??

--- End quote ---
I think they might last a while... mine was SN# in the 200s. Sweet gun though.


--- Quote from: Blowpipe Sam on May 03, 2023, 11:48:14 AM ---I just picked up a standard model C362.  IMO the standard of fit and finish on the anniversary edition better be far superior for four hundred bucks!  No complaints but the C362 was obviously built down to a price standard rather than up to a quality standard.  The pump arm is flimsy.  The fit of the stock to the action is poor,  The sights are rudimentary.  None the less, the gun is handy, powerful, and accurate.  I believe that Crosman's intent is to capitalize on the guns LEGO origins to sell lots of accessories and upgrades.  The limited editions serve as advertising for those upgrades.  If these sell well I think we can expect to see more or at least the wood stock offered as an option.

--- End quote ---

I've been pretty underwhelmed by the 2 362s I bought. Crosman dropped the ball on what could have been a great gun. I could live with the cheap build quality at the price, but neither of mine are accurate enough to get me excited.


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