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2x pistol scopes besides BSA?

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I've given up on finding a BSA 2x20 with out internal dust.  I've tried 5 new ones and one "like new" from amazon that had broken glass shards mixed in for good measure. 

That's a review of sorts.

Are there any decent alternatives for under $100? 


I have their 2-7 version.

I've had two BSA 2x20 pistol scopes for years. Kinda' beat up now but still clear. One's on a P17, the other on a Vigilante.

Got four BSA 2-7x32 Pistol scopes. Two on the barrels of a Beeman RS2 dual cal for years as scout scopes. Bought two recently for the same application on a Silver Kodiak Dual cal I'm putting in a wood stock. All four clear. Ebay has them for $90

Looking around a bit, it appears that BSA replaced the original 2x20 scope with a new model "The Edge" which is the scope I've consistently found dust internally.  My new testing routine is to tap, shake and look up at a blue sky. BSA technical support sent me 4 "inspected" scopes, that I found dust in.   I'm thinking that part of the "problem" is that maybe with a 2x scope, dust on the lens is more obvious. 



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