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Benjamin Sheridan H9 pneumatic pistol 1991 - 1994


I bought this Benjamin / Sheridan .22 caliber pneumatic pistol when I was in college sometime between 1991 and 1994. I started a family soon after so I kept it out of the way and eventually forgot about it when life got hectic. I have read through various posts and there is reference to collectors quality, but no mention of a proper age to qualify as such.

The serial number is R014903 it is .22 caliber.


I am planning to take my nephews shooting with this unless I should consider it something special to only shoot occasionally. I wouldnt be surprised if it hasnt been fired in 20+ years.

Put some oil on the pump cup and pivot points. Pump it up, see if it holds air.
Then shoot the heck out of it. 😁😁

I carry a 1950s .22 pump benji pistol as a truck gun and tramping around airgun... yup, almost 75 years old. still shoots perfect. oil it, gently work the pump to get that oil through... and then shoot it. Lots.


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