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Slack Jawed Yoke...


Hoosier Daddy:
Today I got out my FWB 124 to try it in the 10M casual match...
 While it is normally very accurate outdoors at 30 yards, I was struggling at the closer range.
I checked the screws, checked the scope, even changed from Meisters to R-10 pellets.
 Then it dawned on me.
I have a head cold and was shooting "open mouthed" in order to breath. I practice the B.R.A.S.S. method in my head but forgot the "Chipmunk Jaw".
 I consciously closed my mouth. Things improved but traveled low... so I gave the scope a couple clicks up... better but still not constantly "on the Bull"
 Then I tried "clinching my teeth" and while the cheek weld felt more consistent, things got worse on paper.

How do you match shooters hold your mouth?

I know exactly what you’re saying, Scott. For decades, I could only breathe through one side of my nose. Any little bit of congestion and I’d be a “mouth-breather”. A few years ago I had nose surgery and breathe great through just my nose now, but sometimes I forget. I have to remember to close my mouth, but not clench my teeth and everything is good. I’ve thought about trying the breathe right strips while shooting. For training purposes, at least. I, too, follow the B.R.A.S.S. method. When I remember, that is.  ;)


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