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Just handled one for the first time and gave it the classic "gawker" test looking through the "crud filter" (glass front) at my LGS, and I'd say it's a pretty impressive little scope, just as I have read.

It didn't have the BDC reticle I was hoping for but I bought it anyway to use on a mild springer, probably my HW77k or RWS 94.

It seems like a lucky find.  How do you all like yours?

I owned 2 or 3 of them. EXCELLENT springer scopes. I'd still have them if they had a mildot reticle. Once I started to shoot multiple airguns multiple distances I needed to mildot reticle to aid in holding over.

Buy with confidence.

Thanks Ron!

A quick net search revealed that there was only 1 reticle available, the fine plex with fine dot.
Which is pretty nice, but like you I wish they had made a version with a smarter reticle.

Still, I like it a lot so far!

Yes, they had great glass.  Now Nikon is out of the scope business.
Keep yours and cherish yours.  They are already collectable.


 I had a Nikon Pro staff with BDC for .22 was nice and clear, and the holds worked well with airguns, sold it to a friend who's Gamo included scope bit the dust, as I figured with his limited shooting experience it would be a good match for him and his Gamo. Right after the sale I heard the Going out of business sale  ::)


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