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Did Cross/Benjamin give up on break barrels?

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About 6 years ago they listened to what we were saying and came out with a Benjamin NP2 that was assembled in the US. They had a video showing them being assembled at their factory. They tested for barrel droop and everything. Do they assemble any breakbarrels in the US now?

There are still break barrels being made.  Here's the link to their present offerings, which start off with the mag fire break barrels.

There aren't many if any wood ones in the link below.  Not sure what's made in the u.s.

no more NP2s... we went back to the NPs, but for what i see it was reversed as the NP2 (the gas ram). And unfortunately, i do not think they are made in the US anymore... :(

That being said, the chinese offerings are quite remarkable, B19 derivatives and B22 derivatives. With a little love they can rival guns 10 times their price.

I played that game for years. I got a ton of these Chinese made guns. Was a hobby to try and make them better. I didn't follow them much as I quit buying new air rifles for about 5 years. Bad part was right when they changed and started better quality control where you shouldn't have to replace new seals that were nicked and because they got proper assembly, I started buying higher end German made guns and never got one of the NP2's that was supposed to be a lot better other than a few scope rails falling off when they first released. All I see and hear about is PCP after PCP anymore. Not that impressed with Crosmans new breakbarrels.   

On the contrary, imho, if anything, they make TOO MANY different break barrels, most being butt ugly turds, the mopeds of the airgun world.


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