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Wanted a small piece of PEEK

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     Mods, if this is the wrong place to ask about this specific machining material, please move as required.
All, I'm looking to purchase a maybe 6-inch long piece of PEEK rod for some poppet work, and such. If anyone is willing to part off a short piece, even maybe a 4-inch piece. I'll happily purchase it with of course shipping.


Ebay is my goto for short rods of peek, even scored some Tecapeek PVX.

Hi Casey, yeah my suggestion would be to look at eBay, Amazon, or Grainger.  The prices an individual has to pay to ship a small inexpensive item these days makes it a false economy.  Can usually get it for the same price and more quickly from a vendor who ships large volume and gets dirt cheap shipping.  I mean, hopefully someone will step up but you may be waiting a while.
Otherwise I just wanted to mention Iíve looked at bearing-grade PEEK and its compressive strength and hardness are on the same level as ďplainĒ PEEK, so donít get analysis paralysis or go nuts trying to find a specific kind of PEEK.  Bearing grade mainly has to do with improved self-lubricity and thermal conductivity, neither of which carries any significance for a poppet.  But if you find some at a good price, it will work every bit as well.

Neither of the vendors I had saved have it in stock.  The best deal I saw on peek is this one.  There is another vendor selling .750" X 2' for $40 shipped.  3/8" should be large enough.

Tack Driver 10:
This is what I use, 5/16" cost about $10 delivered for a 12" stick.


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