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Person of the year balloting(hall of Fame) 2021

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 Its been another excellent year amongst friends and GTA Family, so it brings us to our end of the year balloting to find the five GTA members who will LATER be put into final voting for the HALL OF FAME as the Person of the Year!!! This year will include a nifty prize package for the winner also!! So put your recommendation down below and we will tally them up on Christmas day and announce the 5 who will go into final voting. If you have any questions either ask in this thread or PM me directly. Good luck everyone.

 One last thing dont just read threw and not make a recommendation its the least you can do as a member.

 my recommendation this year goes to my old friend FuzzyGrub. John has been a long time member and always has something useful to say or its just plain funny, either way and asset to our community. 

FuzzyGrub!  My first time voting.  John has been a big help figuring out my fortitude challenges, and more.

Blowpipe Sam:
I nominate Hoosier Daddy!  Scott has such a great attitude.  He really sets the tone for this forum.

 Here are the past winners so please don't vote for them as it wont be counted.


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