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Big bore pumper project...

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Hello!  Hope everyone has been doing well during these strange times!  I'm back again.  Life has had me very busy.  Certainly the same for many here, I'm certain.

Just received all the necessary metal to begin my next build.  This idea I have kicked around going back to the Crosman Green Forum.  A while.

So, this build will be a 9mm MSP build.  Will be using 1" bore pump tube and one of two valve designs.  Stuck between the typical poppet knock open and a dump valve similar to that used in the SSP. 

Nothing too magical here.  Pretty much a scaled up version of any other MSP.    Though, a nice long lever handle for reduced effort.

Don't be nay sayers either!  The .22 SSP builds enormous pressure with its 1.375" piston and first, assuming glance 9:1 lever ratio.  More on levers.....

Turns out that the systems in MSP air guns are not generically a Class I, II or III lever doing the work.  More of a compound working of levers comprising of two lever systems working together is how I look at them, further creating greater mechanical advantage; the progression of angular deflection of the link in relation to handle. 

Dunno really, but test, after test a few years ago on a rig mockup proved my hypothesis to rather accurate.  Led me to study full sweep of lever degrees in relation to toggle link degrees then the distance piston moves along the arc of the lever.

If the pump lever was truly, for example 9:1 ratio in its seeming design from the standpoint of lever points, the piston would move at a fixed distance per degree of movement with the lever.  Guess what, of course?  They do not!  I digress.

At any rate, let the build begin!


Welcome back to the forum; only a new(ish) guy here myself. Sounds interesting; am working on a ACP pumper and am interested in your designs/knowledge. Just so you know; this should be in the "Machine Shop Talk and Airgun Parts Machining" gate; you currently have this posted in Shadow's Place.
Will let a mod know to move the thread; no biggie.  :D
Take care,

Oops!  Wasn't sure if the right place, or not.  So many options...  Didn't see any related multi stroke pneumatic forums.

Since you're building a whole gun and not just modding; the Machine Shop gate is the best place. Will get you more responses, too.
Good luck on the build, sounds very cool.


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