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Umarex Gauntlet Tutorial and Modification Series


Introducing my Tutorial and Modification Series for the Umarex Gauntlet. This series will continue to grow as I offer more and more tweaks and mods to improve the performance, accuracy of the rifle. I have locked and stickied this post so the video list is always here and unmolested.
Any specific questions related to the content provided can be initiated in another post.

For those that want the individual video list here ya go:

Umarex Gauntlet: Disassembly and Tweaks

Umarex Gauntlet: Shroud Ventilation and Diffuser

Umarex Gauntlet: Regulator Testing and Adjusting

Umarex Gauntlet: Trigger Two stage(ish) Mod

Umarex Gauntlet: Super Tune Kit Installation

Umarex Gauntlet: Tune Kit Results

Umarex Gauntlet: Quieting the Bark Silencer

Umarex Gauntlet: Picatiny Rail Install

Umarex Gauntlet: Bipod Install on Shroud

Umarex Gauntlet: Air Stripper Upgrade

Umarex Gauntlet: Barrel Band Support Tutorial

Umarex Gauntlet: Tweaking the magazine

Umarex Gauntlet .25 Complete review


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