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Threads and barrel sizes

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I was looking to expand the capabilities of my Airforce Escape SS, so I bought an 18" barrel for it.

The barrel I received was an AirForce PN: U1030, .22 caliber "heavy barrel". The barrel measures .6250 (15.88mm) at the muzzle & .3090"od (7.86mm) at the breach end.  INCLUDED is a delrin cap that fits in the end of the receiver tube to finish it off, like the ones shown on the end of non-SS models, as well as new set screws and barrel bushings.

Though this barrel did not come threaded, but there is plenty of material to thread the muzzle 1/2-20 if desired.

 Hopefully somebody finds this info helpful.

Are Break Barrels threaded into the barrel assembly or pressed in?


I can not speak of all break barrels, but most of mine are pressed in. (one old unit from the 40's appears to be machined out of one piece)

Diana Chaser & Bandit:   M10x1
Webley Nemesis:  1/2-20 UNC
Discovery & Maximus: Get a DonnyFl slip on ( it has a extra set screw for front sight)

Will explore ATI Nova Freedom & Liberty

 I have a custom shroud on my 18" heavy barrel Escape UL from Keeps it quiet as long as your below the speed of sound, and your target doesn't react loudly ;)


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