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Threads and barrel sizes

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 Ok guys I am sure there is a number of us that have chased barrel diameter sizes an shroud and barrel threads. So Im going to post a fw here now and will be adding to it as we go along so please post what you can and hopefully we can get a usable list and maybe put it in the library for a on stop tell all instead of chasing them around.

 Prod shroud  11/16 x 24
Mrod shroud   13/16 x 28
 crosman barrel .437
GM barrel        .500
RWS               16mm
Taipan mutant  shroud  M28X1.0
Sumatra  barrel threads m10x1
  I have a heap more and will post them soon these are ones I remember sitting here and will add more today when I get in the shop. David

 Much appreciated  THANKS !

Is taipan mutant/veteran shroud cap fits Vulcun & if threads 27*1mm or 28*1mm ?

28mm  is the number sir. David

Thank you David  :D


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