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Introduction to PCP airguns - an article

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Hey guys, I was feeling under the weather today so I spent some time working on an article I had started a while back.  It is an introduction to PCP airguns for new owners and people thinking about taking the plunge.

Here it is for you to critique.  Please let me know if there are topics you would like to see added or expanded, or if you see something incorrect.

[edit: new link - minor updates to document]

Very enjoyable article!

The nylon string diy pull through bore cleaner idea is awesome!  I will be making one as soon as I get home from work tomorrow!

For expansion ideas, one thing I have been doing to make fills easier is to feed the pump with pressurised air from the my shop compressor.  Usually I leave some pressure in the compressor beforehand and bleed off the moisture (after giving it some time to collect) from the valve at the bottom of the tank a couple of times to ensure the air going into the gun is nice and dry.  I also use one of those little harbor freight dessicant filters in between the shop compressor and the pump.  I generally have the regulator of the shop compressor set around 50 psi...  At least so far the pump has held together pretty well for the last six months or so since I have been doing this... 

Good job Jason!  I like it!  Thumbs up!


Great article Jason, well done! Maybe this can be stickied or added to the GTA library.

 That a great read sir, especially good for the new guys, will see what the boss has to say, would be a good addition to the library. David


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