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With respect, admiration, honor and yes, a little love!!!

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Howdy my GTA family. Any of you that have been around from the old GTA Forum days may remember I can get long winded telling my stories. For those of you that are not familiar, I try to give you details to bring you along on my adventures. I could apologize for being so long winded in my writings but sometimes it is necessary. I ask that you please indulge me and read this one to the end.
Again, some of you have heard this story. For the repetition, I'm sorry, but I need to rehash it for the sake of those new family members and those that aren't familiar.
Back several years ago at our annual Fun Shoot, Gene and Bob pulled me aside and dragged me to a Mexican restaurant. After bribing me with a great meal, the conversation turned to managing GTA Forums. They both stated they were old and knew they would not be around forever and they needed to know they had someone that could hand their creation off to. I chuckled, we were NOT losing these guys any time soon. But they asked if I were willing to accept the task. I was totally speechless (if you can imagine that from me) for several seconds while my mind was literally flooded with a variety of thoughts and emotions. I came to GTA Forums back in 2009 and the largest reason for joining was reading the fascinating projects and creations of Mr. Gene Curtis. I wanted to learn and hoped by some magic, that his creative touch would wear off on me if I stuck around long enough. Mr. Bob Werner was and still is a highly respected airgun tuner and the creator of the BEST darn trigger on the market for any airgun it fits. I admire both of these gentlemen for what they have set their minds and hearts to do. And we are here as proof of their dedication to the airgun sport. They created our home, GTA International Airgun Forums. It was an honor to be sitting across from these two icons of the airgun world and have them asking me to take their creation and run with it. I have to say I was also scared. Could I do it? Can I do it justice? Will they respect me tomorrow??? LOL
We have assembled a great staff to help run GTA Forums. I respect each and every person that steps forward with love and dedication to this sport and our home that want to volunteer their time to help it flourish. This place cannot be what it is without dedicated volunteers. I am VERY thankful every day for their valuable time.
Now to the real reason for my ramblings. It really is my pride and honor to call Gene and Bob my friends. I cannot express the gratitude and honor of their asking me to take over managing this forum. I cannot express in words what these two have meant to me personally as well as to the ENTIRE airgun community. And also the honor of just being a part of something so extraordinary that they have built. When we are no longer on this earthly plane, we can only HOPE that we are spoken of with respect and honor. I can only pray that most folks will be able to say something good about me when I am gone. But I am posting this because I do not believe we should express our respect, admiration, honor and love for these two after they leave us. Yes, we will continue to do so but here is a chance to tell them NOW. Just in case they are really busy on the other side and can't hear us.
I am a man but I'm also not ashamed to say I love these two. They have touched my life and made a good mark on it that will never be forgotten.

Thank you Gene and Bob!!!!
If you have something you would like to add or say, please do so. This is a thread to honor these two icons and to show them our appreciation for this home of ours they built!!!!
GOD Bless!!!!

Yes we can't thank Bob and Gene enough for the GTA a home away from home for many of us. Thank you so much Bob and Gene!

I have learned a great many things from this forum and the people on it, especially from Gene.  It was fantastic to meet him in person in 2014 and see that he is an ornery old coot like I intend to be, with a smile that makes you shake your head and chuckle back at him.  He was generous with his time, knowledge and even his possessions and I thank him for that.

I don't know bob, though have seen his work and appreciate his expertise and also friendly helpful spirit.

Thank you both for all you have taught me and will continue to teach others through this forum.  Your kind spirits and friendly ribbing always made me smile.

I am better for knowing you.

I would also like to thank you also Mr. Dave. Gene speaks very highly of you as well. I would also like to thank you for not evicting me. :)

Those two men of which you spoke built a very nice place, where we can unwind, enjoy company of others, and learn about a hobby we really enjoy. At the end of our lives we learn what is really important, and it is not the job we work at but the lives we touch on our journey.

Mr. Bob and Mr. Gene, thank you both so very much for the years of dedicated service that you have given to this sport. Without your vision, this forum would not exist and I would have never gotten the chance to meet either of you. Although its only been a few personal meetings, I consider both of you friends for life. You have both, in your own ways, helped me enjoy this sport even more than I already did. It's truly been an honor and a privilege meeting and spending time with yall. If I ever learn one quarter of the airgun information that yall have forgotten, I'd be the dadgumdest airgun mechanic on earth. I am very proud to know you both and to be able to call you friends.


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