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To all the veterans my family appreciates your service. Many members of my family have also served in which we are quite proud of.

Dave, just to clarify which program are you referring to?
Asking because there is the one you are referencing WWP Organization, here on GTA, and there is the Wounded Warrior Project
( for vets relegated only after 9-11. That is my understanding when I inquired about it a few years ago.

Others feel free to chime in if you know differently.

Mosin Marine:
Iraq 07-08 1/1 Charlie Company. Till Valhalla! Airguns have become a way to get away from it all.

Google’s Veterans Network is proud to host Google VetNet Career Week, a virtual three-day event from June 22 to 24 offering any veteran, military spouse, and service member the tools, support, and advice needed to advance their careers. The three days will include:

Panels diving deep into specific functions and industries

Exclusive fireside chats between C-level leaders from Google and external companies

Hands-on training including private 1:1 personal resume reviews with Googlers

This event is for veterans, military spouses, and service members at all points in their journey; whether they’re just starting to transition to civilian life or have been in the corporate workforce for years, they’ll gain valuable networking, learning lessons, and tactical advice at no cost. Interested participants should complete this registration by June 1, 2021.

I'm a United States Marine. I enlisted in 1999 and turned 27 in boot camp. I was the old guy. Did one tour in Afghanistan  an crossdecked and did one in Iraq. Just your basic sneaky smart bullet sponge.


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