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Post airgun hunts only!


Let me first say I enjoy seeing game taken photos and videos. I love to hunt when I have the time. So take this in the right light, I am NOT anti-hunting. LOL
We continue to have posts in the Hunting Gate reported to us and these members have a point. Folks are posting deer being taken with bow & arrow, muzzle loaders or other pb guns. This is taken from the introduction/description of the Hunting Gate:
"This Forum Is Dedicated To AirGun Field Hunting. Special Note: This Forum is for air gun field hunting."
Like I said, I have no problem with game being taken, seeing and reading about the harvest. But let's keep the Hunting Gate to what it was intended for, airgun hunting. If you want to post big game hunting experiences there are other forums dedicated to this.
I would think that MOST airgunners are powder burner fans and shooters also. But like I said, I have had different posts reported to me in the last few days about big game being taken with non-airgun weapons. Let's try to keep EVERYONE happy here. Let's keep the posts on GTA related to whay this forum exists, airgunning.
Thanks all.
SAFE & Happy Shooting!!!!


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