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OneLeaf NV200 spotting binoculars


Received this unit from OneLeaf to test and review. I wasn't disappointed. I find it useful to quickly scan and identify targets downrange in the dark. It is essentially a binocular that you can use day/night. This will definitely come in handy to help me with my next coyote hunt.

Thanks Max, semper fi!
I know that you use a Pard, I have enjoyed watching your videos.  I just purchased a Pard NV008 LRF. I think that is the one you use on your HW100, or AA510. I did not find how to setup the ballistics calculator. If you have a video on setting up the calculator then please link it here. If not, then I'll just fumble through it.


Hi Hunter.  My Pard008LFR is an older model than yours.  Mine does not have the ballistic calculator unfortunately.  I have it on my HW100T and I love it!  Let me know how you get on with yours. 

Max, I will share my settings. I am hoping to adjust the trajectory by adjusting the BC and the atmospheric conditions.



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