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Hatsan Harpoon Discontinued. I Guess I Missed The Boat...

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--- Quote from: DevilsLuck on January 27, 2023, 02:03:57 PM ---My mind is now trying to figure out a way of using my AEA . 30 cal to launch arrows reliably...

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The air saber might be using .357 size airgun arrows. I think pyramyd air sells generic airgun arrows of different calibers but I don't have any experience or knowledge of them beyond seeing an ad once if memory serves.

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I see an Air Saber Elite X2 in my near future. That said, I'm terribly curious as to why Hatsan ceased production of the Harpoon. I know I plan on snatching up the first one I can find!

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[chuckling] I chedked Hatsan clearnce page immediately after replying to the original post.

It is strange... a high power air arrow with a broadhead in a Turkish shotgun stock or tactical stock seems on brand for Hatsan.

The original air saber shows up on sale for under $250 with the scope now and then. Got mine for $209 late 2021 from midway on birthday pricing.

I suspect, and this is only conjecture... That cessation may have been influenced by a certain YT vid that demonstrated this airbows capability vs level 3A BA... Just sayin'....


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