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***Results Added*** 100 Yard Air Rifle Monthly Match #7 - Sept. 2022


Welcome to the 7th 100 yard Monthly Match of 2022. This match will run until September 30. The rules and targets can be found at:

Post a scan or picture of the target during the calendar month the Match is being run.

If you are not a Member of the NUAH Club and would like to join or would like to upgrade your Division standing, your submitted target can be used for that also.
If you want to apply for NUAH Membership or a Division Upgrade, you must post a thread with your target, and other information required, in the Membership Gate:

All the rules for becoming a Member of the NUAH Club must be followed.  They can be found at:

Please include with your Match submission:

NUAH Division
Score and Group Size
Any other info you would like to share (weather,pictures, etc)

You may enter once for each Caliber shot. Results will be posted for Overall and within your Division after the end of the month.  Have fun and enjoy the match.



FastJ.... Master.... .22 cal.... 50/50-2X..... 1.103"
Knothead.... Expert.... .177 cal.... 47/50.... 1.655"


FastJ.... Master.... .22 cal.... 50/50-2X..... 1.103"


Knothead.... Expert.... .177 cal.... 47/50.... 1.655"

Congratulations to both shooters.... Let's see more participation in the last two matches for 2022....  8)


Had out today. Converted .22 barrel from old wildcat and shoot pellets first time a long while.
Choose Redesigned because those was killer ammo with WC 940fps. This one settle 960fps
When sight in had couple incredible groups.
Sad did not shoot them NUAH target. So still no x5 for me. Maybe next time

1 shot maybe touching line. So judge is it 2x or 3x?

Shooter: Jari - ( FastJ )
Distance: 100 yd
Gun: Impact .22
Optics: Vector 30x
Ammo: .22 JSB Redesigned
Wind:. 0-2mph
Group: 1.103Ē 50/50 x3
Position: Bench Rest seated sand bag
Division: Master

I would say that is touching the line, so a 2X.... Great shooting, Jari....


inName: Mark Hogan Knothead
NUAH Division: Expert
Airgun: Benjamin Akela
Caliber: .177
Sights: Arken SH4 GenII 6-24x50
Pellet/Bullet: JSB Knockout 13.43 gn
Position: Bench/bag front and back
Score and Group Size: 47/50 1.655
I marked the target 97, Iím not all here tonight.
Just got the scope this week, wow what a cool thing it is to be able to see the target and the holes from the gun!
Spent time tuning the Akela this week.  I now have 100 useable shots per fill to plink, with a good bunch in the sweet spot. Iím shooting the 13.43ís at 823fps with a spread of 12 and a sd of 3.
Pretty happy with this, now I need to get more trigger time.
The right targets the first one the left is the score and second one of the day. I have some work to get this to Expert, never mind Master. I am having fun though.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Its always awesome go 100yd with .177 !

Where are shooters?
This is last match for the year?
Going +300yd range coming weekend if weather allows


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