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Hello Everyone,

Scoring is very easy, If your pellet breaks or touches the ring of the higher point value, you receive the higher score for the shot.

Now for an "X", the pellet must be totally inside the "10 ring", it cannot touch the "10 ring" in any way.

If the pellet misses the scoring rings, no score is given for the round fired

If there are any questions, please feel free to P.M. me or gamo2hammerli (Stanley)

Thank YOU!


Brushy Bill:
I have shot smallbore rifle and 10 meter air
pistol for many years.
This scoring tool is invaluable for checking
those "close shots"  I used the scoring
plugs for a long time, but have not used
then since I got this tool about 10 years

It has etchings for .22 and .177 cal. simply place over the shot hole
and center the etching over the hole. Even when using
round nose pellets it is very helpful.

The nice thing about these is they do not deform the holes
like a plug does. A plugged hole is best checked when plugged
only once. That is why in the benchrest rules they state that
it can only be plugged a second time if there is a challenge.

The benchrest matches that everyone on the forums have
been talking about lately is scored using a .22 cal plug
because that is the largest cal you can use in the matches.

This tool is very handy for scoring .177 hits to .22 cal
limits. The .22 cal etchings has a smaller circle in it
that lines up very nicely with a .177 hole.
This is useful in .22 cal smallbore matches because
the round nose bullets that are used allows the
target paper to close up after it passes through.
Just as a diablo pellet does. This will be very handy
for scoring your practice targets.

Here is a pic of the tool scoring a .177 cal hit.
If this was scored as a .177 it would not be a ten
scored as a .22 it will. This is a 10 meter pistol
target, just used for illustration.

Using the .177

Using the .22 etching (sorry the optical magnifier shifted as
I held the camera to it, this would score a 10 if scored as
a .22 cal)

nice tool! thanks for sharing!

I have a shooting match tomorrow at the local gun club.They have one twice a year.Its alot of fun and last most of the day.Back in march i got third so hopefully will do better this year!Will be using the Daisy Avanti 888.Last match i used the 887 but got lucky from a friend at Daisy that sent me a 888 to try out.Its a sweet little rifle.Have shot many pellets through it quickly to  help season the barrel.These are not high power guns but insanely accurate co2s.Winner will get a airgun from the club down to 5th place.If you have never done one they r alot of fun with some serious target shooters.they are open sites only.wish i had 4x16 x 40 ao glasses!! lol.

Actually when shooting offhand, I find that shooting w/o a scope is much easier than with a scope.
w/o the magnification of the scope I don't see my wobble as much.  Thus I am more confident in my shots and not trying to "get" the shot when the crosshair goes over the 10 ring...which usually results in me jerking the trigger.
With the scope I get visually induced motion sickness, yeah I wobble a lot.


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