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The GTA commandments for posting in the Back Room


Think of this as the equivalent of the ten commandments for the Back Room,  as it pertains to subjects that are off-limits.

We all want to have a good time, and at times, having a good time means talking about the forbidden subjects on the forum. We all do it on occasion, because it's almost impossible NOT to, but there are ways to discuss issues without  moving directly into politics and/or religion, and keeping things civil is the goal. If you find it impossible to be civil and treat your fellow members with respect, including those that you don't like, and don't agree with, then stay OUT of the thread. There is no rule stating that just because you are interested in a subject, that you must post in it.

These are guidelines to refer to, when you are not sure whether or not your post is going to cross the line.

Fair warning before any of you decide to take this thread down the path of politics:
Although there are subjects which fall on the fine line between poilitical and apolitical, every thread should be treated as the latter. Keep the politics out.
If you don't understand what makes a thread political, then follow these guidelines:
No Current Events , Watch the News if thats what you need
No mention of political parties (Republican, democrat, libertarian, or any other party)
No use of the terms liberal, conservative, libs, cons, or other derogatory terms representing these
No discussion of any politicians by  name, OR political positions (president, representative, VP, etc)
No bashing of each other as forum members, calling names or ridiculing. PERIOD.
If you think your fellow forum member is stupid, keep it to yourself. Nobody CARES about your personal opinions of us.

NOW- if you find it difficult to go by the rules, then stay out of the thread altogether. We get rather tired of the crybaby stuff, after  you have deliberately stuck your foot into the fire.

Anyone who does not abide by the no politics rule will be given one warning by one of the mod/admin staff. Offending posts WILL be edited for political content, and if you continue to persist in political posting and references, your other posts will be  deleted or edited to the point that nothing was said, AND you will be  subject to temporary bans or suspension.
"1st offense will be a warning, 2nd a 14-day vacation, 3rd - 45 day vacation, and 4th you are banned for 1 year - NO exceptions!"

And in addition, and taken directly FROM the forum rules:
1- GTA staff members are the authority for the forum. Disrespecting or ignoring staff will get you a warning for the first offence. Second offence gets you a vacation from posting for 7-14 days. Third offence will cause you to lose all access to GTA forums. If there is an issue with a post or member, please report it to the forum staff.
You are all grown-ups here, and almost ALL  are men. I expect that you will *act* like grown men.  Leave your emotions and feelings at home.

Moderators and Admin staff reserve the right to remove or lock any thread deemed to be bait, trolling, or otherwise suspect, or which is highly likely to create contention and resentment.

(If you should happen to still not know if a particular post content is crossing the line, then feel free to PM it to me, and I will take a look. )


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