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crosman 1377 double tube pumper ? about to find out ( pics

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Rob M:
more parts being made.. the steel tube that came in the mail was bought as .620 i.d , it came as .655 ish i.d .. so i had to wait again.. in the meantime tackling the linkages .,

20210803_123111 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

20210803_123100 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

20210803_123159 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

should have the big arm connected to the coupler block tonight for ther valve i finally decided that a longer stock valve was the way to go so i made one

20210803_123625 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

i WONT be building additional pressure with the stock pistons , so i figured more volume would be beneficial.. Also because of that , i switched to 22 cal .. A 22 will benefit more than a 177 from gains in volume alone //

Rob M:
heres the first part of the lever arm./..

20210803_124510 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

needs deburr and sand . then mount to linkage coupler.

Rob M:
i dont like those cap heads on the linkages , might need to to make 2 cover plates for those.

Rob M:
takes some imagination but the thirds piece should be near the underside of the grip//

20210803_130711 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

20210803_130715 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr

20210803_130718 by murphyrobert9, on Flickr



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