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So if you didn't do anything airgun related what did you do today?

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Lt. Dan:
I needed to fill in some pot holes in my driveway, as I went to get my shovel and noticed that they had developed some rust. I had stored my yard tools in a drop shed behind my shop won'tdo that again.. I sanded the rust off with a 4 1/2" grinder with a flex sanding disc. I sanded the handles with my palm sander and painted them with Hunter Green paint left over from another project. 
I found and old metal typewriter table at the dumpster that someone had disposed of that was in need of some TLC. I had a couple of cans of semi gloss black paint and bang,  nailed it, plant stand.

 Wher was this thread 3 days ago, now I forgot what is was   :-\

Took my Great Grand son, 5 years old, to the barber shop. He had only been once before. What a show, he did NOT like it!

Wash, dried, and folded 3 loads of laundry; picked and cleaned radishes, pulled weeds in the garden. Went to the local Farmers Market, then took a casserole my wife made to church for an after funeral meal. Sat on my butt and read a book for the rest of the day.

Sealed up some leaks in my little fishing boat. Mowed what was left of the grass. Went for a recon ride on the 4wheeler.


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