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Shot Show 2018 Range Day Umarex Hammer AGWTV Episode 32

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So you want to know what it's like at Range Day at Shot Show? You've been wanting to see some footage of the Umarex Hammer in action? You are not going to want to miss this! We are taking a trip up and down the line at Range Day and having a ball!

It's a great time to be an Airgunner!!!!

Products in this video:
      Umarex Hammer

Nice video ,the hammer looks like a lotta fun to shoot.


--- Quote from: cakebakem on March 23, 2018, 01:21:48 AM ---Nice video ,the hammer looks like a lotta fun to shoot.

--- End quote ---

i think i need a hammer !!!!! 8)

Had a problem playing from this link, but went to the Viemo site, and it played fine. Great video, thanks! :D

You guys had some fun!


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