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Game Law Violations


Recently, Randy (aka: atchman2), one of our hunting gate moderators, made a post reminding GTA air gun hunters to make sure they know and understand the game laws of their respective states and to insure that Hunting Gate posts and pictures do not violate any of those laws.   Randys advice and his request is something we should all heed well and strive to follow.  

The game laws of each state are available in the form of printed material from each states game enforcement agency as well as online.  We as hunters also have the option of simply calling our local game enforcement agency to clarify any issue that requires clarification.  With these resources available to us there is simply no reason for any of us to not have a working knowledge and understanding of the game laws that apply to us.  As a matter of fact, if you click on the locked and sticky'd post authored by Gene at the top of the Hunting Gate you will find several very useful internet links, one of them being a link providing access to the game enforcement agencies of all 50 states.  

As Randy and the other "mods" have already stated, we do our best to insure that the posts and pics in the Hunting Gate follow the guidelines of GTA, guidelines that do not permit the posting of hunt details and/or pictures that violate game laws, however we are not fully versed in the game laws of each and every state.  As a result we rely on your knowledge of your states game laws, along with your willingness to abide by the guidelines of GTA, to help us insure that the Hunting Gate guidelines are not violated, thus helping to protect you and the GTA.  

It is not my intent to lecture anyone and I hope you won't interpret my post in that way.  I am simply asking that we all heed and follow Randy's excellent advice and insure that all of our posts and pics are are in accordance with the law.  As Randy pointed out, there are times when taking a game animal outside of an established hunting season is in fact legal and permissible.  When making such a post  following Randy's advice to list  the extenuating circumstances that made such a harvest legal is the way to go.  If you want to make a post or post a picture and you have any doubts, no matter how small, concerning the legality of the harvest then please don't post it.  

We all know how wonderful it is to have the GTA and the Hunting Gate in which to  congregate and share our enjoyment of this great sport.  Lets all follow Randys advice and make sure that our Hunting Gate remains the great place that it is.  

I've locked this post because I don't think we really need a long discussion of this topic.  If you feel the need to respond then let me know and I'll unlock it. 

Good shooting everyone  :)


I am adding this to Jeff's Post on Hunting Law Violations.

Before you post a hunting event with pictures please be up on the Fed and State laws for the game you are hunting.


"Special Note" This Forum is for air gun field hunting. There may be graphics that may not be desirable to view.
"Please do not "Enter" this forum if you oppose the explicit graphics or do not condone this Sport.
"Illegal Game Kills and Pictures" Due to the fact that each state and the federal laws regarding pest control and small game... The GTA asks that you know your area's gaming laws and do not incriminate yourselves with state and federal laws regarding protected species..

The following information was provided by LongislandHunter and SDale, members of the GTA.

"Important Gaming Links to help with identifying birds, etc."
1. Birds of North America
2. Visual Key for Bird Identification
3. All About Birds, Species, Etc.
4. State DNR Addresses "State Departments of Natural Resources"

Here's the Cornell link......

Here's the "DNR" link........

Here's another one where you can look up a bird by silouette.

Just a reminder guys, check your state and local laws on the seasons and what's legal to take. Check your state DEC web site


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